Boat Insurance

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Protect your Boat with the right Watercraft Coverage.

Protect your Boat with the right boat insurance before cruising around in your boat. McLeod Insurance Agency can help you to find the coverage you need for your boat so that the insurance company will be responsible for paying the repairs instead of you. All you will need to cover is the deductible.

Whether you have a sailboat, a speedboat, a yacht, or anything in between, it’s a good idea to have boat insurance. You spent too much money on your boat not to protect it against all that can happen on the water – and even on land. One of our agents will go over all of the coverage options for you to ensure you can protect your boat.

Boat Insurance - Asheboro NC
Watercraft Insurance - Asheboro NC

Boat and Watercraft coverage may provide

We will ask you various details about your watercraft. This includes the value, your experience on the water, and even where your boat is stored. These details will help us to find the best possible policy for you amongst the many insurance companies. One of our agents will make all of the comparisons on your behalf to save you both time and money.

Your boat may be your home, your form of recreation, or a simple indulge on a weekend here and there. Regardless of your situation, McLeod Insurance Agency is here to help you. Call us today and let one of our agents begin working on finding a policy for you and your boat.